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El Náufrago-#2-octubre-2020-El Diario de

Jorge Blanco's "Castaway" is a great escape from the serious realities of the world - a welcome respite of unexpected whimsy, cleverness and humor… I want to ask him: "How does he come up with these amazing ideas?" 

Matt Walsh, Editor & CEO, Observer Media Group / Sarasota, Florida 2014 


"…Jorge Blanco, author of The Castaway, chose nothing more appropriate for his character's self-imposed exile than a tiny, solitary, island with a single palm tree and overwhelming white sky as his only companions ... It seems contradictory to us that in such confinement The Castaway is free… From a single strip without words, only drawings made of simple traces and lines, we are made participants of a most beautiful and musical visual poetry."

Oscar Ascanio, 2014, Art Advisor / Miami, Florida / Paris, France

Click here or on the book image to purchase your copy of "The Castaway" by Jorge Blanco

The Castaway by Jorge Blanco
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