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photo of sculptor Jorge Blanco, photo by Barbara Banks

Jorge Blanco is an internationally renowned artist. His work has been exhibited in Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Asia, the United States and South America. Jorge has installed public-art in multiple cities and private residences around the world. 


Jorge Blanco unveiled his first sculpture in 1972 and has worked continuously since, never moving away from his artistic production. Blanco is also known in his native country of Venezuela for his comic strip published in the country’s major newspapers. In the late 70s, he lived in Rome, Italy, immersing himself in the art world, achieving recognition for his creativity.


In his sculptures Blanco works with profound levels of humor, linking an extraordinary witty force with the playful character of his pieces, without being frivolous, while at the same time he is fully aware of the involving dialogue established with the public.


As a multi-talented artist, Blanco creates poetic and joyful art, his art surprises us, transforms us and leaves us with a fresh perception of the world.

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